A Break for T Ball

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We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled weekly party so we can focus on a quick sporting event. Owen’s been doing pretty well with his practices and it’s been a lot of fun seeing him out on the field, even if he’s not always completely focused on the game.


We began with a little warm up and some grinning.


He really swings for the fences.

He’s generally pretty good when they put him on the pitcher’s mound or first base because there’s a lot of action there. But like his brother, put him at shortstop or in the outfield…


The ball is not up there.


I don’t think that would be considered “baseball ready.”


I was in the dugout trying to keep things organized, but had to snap a few photos too.


Somehow being on third base is also boring.

It’s been a good season so far, and this seems like the kind of sport he could stick with given his abilities so far. Who knew spending his toddler years throwing things everywhere would pay off?

This was one of those weeks with very few photos, but if you want to check out the rest of them you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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