Halloween Party and Pappaw’s Birthday

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The season of parties continues, this time not only with a birthday party but a pre-Halloween bash at Owen’s day care. It dawned on us that this would actually be our last pre-Halloween bash, so we tried to make the most of it.

Owen chose his costume pretty quickly, and I have to admit he wore it well.


Hmmm. Too happy. Can you be more serious?



Max’s costume was a do-it-yourself project for he and I, and it involved plenty of box cutting and tape and several cans of spray adhesive.


He was super excited about it, as was any kid he encountered that was familiar with Minecraft.

It was a familiar party, with many of the same activities we’ve enjoyed in years past. First we sat them down so they could eat some dinner before we got started.


I did what I could to make them eat, but the excitement of the evening drew them from the table before long.


Cookie walks, for example, are more exciting than eating.


Did I mention Owen’s best buddy was also Batman?


One major addition was a giant bounce house set up in the library.


Ahh Plinko. We remember you fondly.


Max especially, since he’s been doing this for quite a few years now (this one’s from 2010).


He’s a little bigger now.


They took a very nice photo for me before we had to go.


For additional aww factor, this is Max’s last pre-Halloween party.


…and this is his first.


And for balance, here’s one from Owen’s first Halloween party at school.

A Halloween Dance Video

As a bonus, I got some footage of some fantastic dancing by both boys.

After all that excitement, we had to get up bright and early to get Owen to his weekly t-ball game.


We had a few minutes to waste before the game.


I think Owen was happy about that.

He had another good game that, once again, I couldn’t photograph due to my duties assisting in the wrangling of a gaggle of kids who don’t know where they left their gloves.

Right after the game, we had to get back in the car and head straight to Sherman for our weekly birthday party. This time we’d be celebrating for Pappaw.


For the boys, this means playing with Tanner.


When the time came, Owen was happy to help give Pappaw his presents.


The boys made him a giant birthday card.

We pretty much just spent the afternoon goofing off around the house. The boys made good use of their time with their cousins.


As well as with each other.

We even got them outside for a little while after we shut down the electronics.


We need to start considering getting himto basketball…

After that, we drove home and settled in for another week of insanity. At least we’re getting good use out of our costumes. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, click here. Otherwise, we’ll be back next time with tales from Halloween proper.

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