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After all the excitement and hustle and bustle of the last several months or so, we finally had a week where things seemed somewhat calm. T-ball season is over and we were somehow spared a birthday party. As a result, we had one of those stretches where I didn’t even take the camera out once. Luckily, I had my phone with me during some time outside with the boys.

It’s been a while since I dragged them out to the nearby playground, so we walked over there and the boys had some entertaining time together.


There was a lot of swinging.

There was also a lot of running around trying to catch Daddy, but once Daddy got tired they went back to swinging.

Lessons Learned

Typically we try to spare them some of the tougher lessons in life, but sometimes you have to let gravity be the teacher.

After that, he ran off and climbed up the nearby jungle gym and refused to come down. Naturally, I took this opportunity to take more pictures of him.


How can I resist a captive subject?


Oh alright fine, I’ll leave you alone.

We returned in time for dinner, and no lasting physical harm was done. I’m sure he’ll talk to a therapist about the emotional scarring someday. There’s one last photo I didn’t include, and if you’d like to see it you can click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time with a somewhat lengthier post. Turns out somebody has a birthday coming up…

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