The Big Trip – Part 2

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Saturday morning we awoke as early as we could bear and took stock of the situation. Owen’s legs had not improved considerably, and were swollen and red and felt all kinds of wrong to the touch. He was also developing a rash on his belly. We consulted the nurse line and they suggested he might be having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he’d been taking. We should take him off it immediately, they said. I’d already given him his first dose of the morning (oops). It was going to be a long day.

Owen told us that he was in no pain whatsoever, and said he was perfectly fine with going to the park. So be it. We had a simple breakfast at the hotel then met up with the family so we could hop on the bus for our trip to the Magic Kingdom.


Somebody already had her ears ready to rock.


He was in good spirits despite his condition.

A bus ride and a monorail trip later, and we arrived at our destination. Much though we attempted to arrange our Fast Passes together, we wound up with some different activities planned right from the outset. Before we went our separate ways we tried to get a quick family photo.


Hey, not too shabby.

After that, we each made our way to various corners of the park.


Later we’d realize we should have tried to get a full family photo here. Ah well.

We started at the Haunted Mansion. Max loved it. Owen was terrified from the moment we stepped into the stretching room. We decided to stick to something a little more his speed, so we headed over to do Peter Pan’s Flight. After that, the family got back together and we decided to take the obligatory trip on IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL…



*deep breath*



Et cetera.

The kids all loved that. Aunt Jenn’s group decided it was time to head off to something a little outside Owen’s range, so we split off again and found our way over to the carousel (which had a nice, short line).


The boys were cool with it.


Max did his best to turn it into a thrill ride.

We did some wandering after that and eventually found ourselves meeting up with our first character.


I refrained from asking about the decision making process involved with eating things labeled “Eat Me”.

It started sprinkling a little bit, so we all donned our rain gear.


Yes, Owen, I’m sure that’s exactly how Mommy wanted her hood. Thank you.

He was starting to get a bit restless and began asking to be carried. This isn’t atypical for him, but we were beginning to get concerned that his legs weren’t getting any better despite copious amounts of Benadryl. We carried him over to Tomorrowland so we could enjoy some seated entertainment in the form of a Monster’s Inc. show and a Buzz Lightyear laser shooting ride. By the time we were done with all that, it was time to meet up for lunch.

After burgers and french fries and chicken nuggets, we assessed the situation and determined that Owen’s legs were getting worse. A purple ring had formed under his socks and they just didn’t feel right at all to the touch. We left Max with his grandparents and took Owen over to the first aid center. There, we were given the choice of either having an ambulance take him to the hospital or having a shuttle take us to a doctor’s office. We opted for the latter, and Christy took him off site for a check-up. At her urging, I stayed behind and met back up with the group. They were hanging out over in Fantasyland which enabled me to take part in an obligatory ride.


You have to. It’s Disneyworld.

After that, we noticed that the ride next door had a relatively short wait time and a slightly higher age range. Max said he was good to go, so go we went.

Short Ride, Short Wait

Man, that was quicker than I even remember.

We gathered back together with Nan and Papa and decided to take a train ride to the other side of the park. Papa was having some pain when walking around so we were trying to help him take it easy. They split off from us to go ride Pirates of the Caribbean so I took Max to grab a quick snack.


Mmmm. Ears.

Somewhere in that time frame I got a call from Christy letting me know that the clinic said Owen was now dealing with two infected ears. Based on the issues introduced by the initial antibiotic they prescribed another, gave him some steroids, and sent him on his way back to the park. By the time they got back it was getting pretty late in the day. When they rejoined us we wandered around Adventureland and Frontierland a bit more, climbed through the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse (with me carrying Owen up and down all the stairs), and decided we had time for a little more entertainment before dinner and departure.


The [s]Jungle[/s] Jingle Cruise was a bit different from what I remembered from my childhood, mostly because it was dark.

We were talked into one last ride before we left, as we somehow managed to get Fast Passes for everyone to go on it.


A little dark, but you get the idea. Owen wanted nothing to do with it.

After that, we hopped back on the train to get us a little closer to the exit.


Best I could get in the dark. I had to apologize profusely to our fellow passengers as my flash went off over and over again.

We had dinner as quickly as we could, then caught the monorail and the bus back to the hotel so the boys could get some much needed rest.


They may have been a little sleepy on the bus.

…and that was just the first day. Given that this has already turned into a novel, we’ll break here and I’ll offer up the usual link to the rest of the photos. We’ll pick up next time with a very full day two.

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