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After all the excitement of our Disneyworld trip, Thanksgiving was positively sedate in comparison. Christy and I found ourselves either shopping online (mostly me) or helping get things done here and there for the meal. The kids were therefore mostly left to their own devices. This situation meant they had a lot of fun, but I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures.


I did get a few, thankfully.


Can’t miss the opportunity for future blackmail, after all.

They played together for a little while, but eventually parted ways so they could all go and do their own thing.


Owen grabbed his new airplane so he could play outside for a bit.


Max, of course, played video games.

We had a nice Thanksgiving meal together, everyone behaved (for the post part), and everyone enjoyed what was mostly a relaxing time for all involved. Once all the turkey and pie and what not were consumed we headed out separate ways and realized we were officially over the hump into the Christmas season. At our house, the end of the month always brings with it the need to update our calendar.


The boys know what’s happening this month, so they offered to help.

We ended the week with everyone healthy and managed to keep our sanity about us. I’d call that a win.

There’s only one photo left, so if you’d like to see more of Max wearing a silly hat you can click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time!

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