The Big Trip – Part 3

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Our second day brought with it an enormous breakfast with the family and some extra wheels for a couple of family members. Owen’s condition hadn’t particularly improved, and Papa’s walking pains had actually gotten worse. We still managed to make it out to the park as a family and have some fun at the Animal Kingdom.


Sigh all you like, Papa, I’m taking this photo.

When we arrived we were left to decide between a wheelchair and a stroller for Owen because we weren’t going to carry him for another full day. The wheelchair was deemed the more viable option given his height, so we spent the whole day pushing him around in it. This left me wondering what people thought about him hopping out of the wheelchair and walking around whenever we got to something interesting, but I don’t think anyone cared since we weren’t trying to use it to skip any lines.

We began with a quick meet and greet (not a lot of Fast Passes available in the Animal Kingdom).


Finally, Mickey!


And Minnie, of course.

While heading over toward the Dinosaur area, we saw some birds that seemed particularly photogenic.


They kept inching closer as they heard the camera shutter.

We walked over into DinoLand and the boys immediately gravitated towards the playground.


So they slid.


…and slid.


…and pretended to drive a Jeep.


…and pretended to ride a Triceratops.

After they’d worn themselves out, we plopped Owen back into the wheelchair so Max and I could go over to the Dinosaur ride. Owen and Christy weren’t interested (they made the right call, they wouldn’t have liked it) but Max and I had an entertaining and jarring ride through the various dinosaur time periods. When we emerged, it looked like the group was starting to get back together. Christy and Owen had been busy meeting someone while they waited for us.


Ahh, Donald. Shame we missed him.


We got out just in time to meet these guys.

Once that was done, we met back up with the group and waited in line for some of the rides in the immediate area. We got Owen to go on somewhat of a spinny ride, but the video didn’t turn out very well for it.


This one turned out okay, though.

After that, the day was less about rides and more about spending time with the family.


Max was cool with that.

We bought the boys some Disney shorts (it was getting pretty warm) then had some lunch alongside some very curious wildlife.


These birds were all up in our business.

We had our photo taken in front of a very large tree.


Pretty big, I guess.

Then we started making our way towards the general vicinity of the safari ride.


Yes, we stopped again. There were drums!

At long last, we arrived. Everyone sat down and had some snacks and we just chilled for a bit before getting in line for the trek.


And then, hippos!

The ride was bumpy with a lot of abrupt starting and stopping, but I did what I could to get some decent photos of the wide variety of animals on display.


There were giraffes!


And elephants!


And cats being cats!

It was quite an eventful ride, and at the end we noticed it was actually starting to get a bit late. Much of the Animal Kingdom shuts down a little on the early side, so we decided to walk through and look at a few more animals before heading back to the hotel for some pizza.


First time any of us had seen an hippo actually swimming.

We briefly stopped by a gift shop so the boys could get something and luckily that spared us a momentary rainstorm that happened outside. Thankfully it let up and we stayed dry on the way back to the hotel.


I somehow almost managed to make it the whole day without getting a photo of him in the wheelchair. Remedied that immediately.

We headed back, ate lots of pizza, and settled in for another day of exciting adventure. Owen’s condition seemed to have stabilized but not particularly improved, but his spirits were still high so we were thankful for that. If you want to check out the rest of the photos from day two, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time with the final chapter in our Disneyworld saga.

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