The Big Trip – Part 4

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We bring you now to the finale of our four part series on The Happiest Place on Earthâ„¢. Owen’s symptoms stuck with us through the last two days of the trip, but he’s a trooper. He managed to keep it together so we could all enjoy the remainder of our vacation. We begin with day three, which was easily the longest day of the whole affair.

It began simply enough, with a bus ride and a decision to skip the monorail in favor of alternative means.


You can’t tell, but we’re on a boat.


Ahh, better.

We also chose a double stroller this time, as we felt the wheelchair might not be letting him rest his legs quite the way he needed. No photos of that, but we have plenty of everything else.


This is where we realized we’d missed our window to get this photo.

The third day was sort of a clean-up day for the Magic Kingdom. We knew the lay of the land and we knew what we’d done and what we wanted to do. Our Fast Pass situation was figured out fairly well and we decided to rush to one corner of the park so the boys could get a chance to repeat some of their early favorites. Owen chose Peter Pan’s ride (with Nan). Max wanted to go back to the Haunted Mansion.


This time we actually went through the line, which has some fun activities to keep people occupied.

This morning was a bit less hectic. When I emerged from our second run through the Haunted Mansion I found that Nan and Papa were waiting for Christy and Owen. They’d decided to ride through the small world one more time before we embarked on a trek to the other side of the park. We all had Fast Passes to Space Mountain, and we weren’t about to miss it.


Somehow we got sidetracked for a few minutes.


It took some time to get Max go go out there, but once he was there he got into it a bit.

We made it just in time for Max, Papa and I to climb in and ride through the dark for a bit. Max was quite impressed, and Nan opted to skip it when she was reminded that the ride is a bit jarring. Once we were done, we didn’t have much in the way of plans. As such, we let the boys finally buy something they’d be begging for the whole vacation.


Mickey hats!

Papa suggested that we go check out something he’d like to see, so we accompanied him through the Carousel of Progress. The boys found it hilarious, and it was a great family experience I’m sure Papa enjoyed quite a bit. After that we all parted ways again so we could ride our chosen rides. The boys decided that it was high time for them to meet Buzz Lightyear.


So that happened.

After that we grabbed some lunch and rifled through the gift shop for a little while. Max and I had a couple of Fast Passes to a ride halfway across the park and Owen…well, he was looking a little frazzled. Christy decided to let him take a nap while Max and I ran all over the place.

Train Ride

A bit faster than the one that takes you around the park.

We actually had enough passes to ride it twice, so we did just that. By the time we were finished, Owen was awake and we were all ready to get back together for a little more family time. We took one more trek all the way across the park and wound up back where we were on Saturday.


Okay fine, it’s kind of tough to see what we’re doing.


Back for more.

By then, we’d all pretty much done what we wanted to do. All that was left was a nice long wait until the evening.


They got to watch Elsa freeze the castle twice by the end of it.


We tried again to get that photo. Best we could do.

Jenn scoped out a great spot for us to wait for the fireworks and we all sat around and chatted and ate corn dogs and waited. And waited. And waited some more.


And took a picture where some of us had crazy eyes from all the waiting.

Thankfully a parade broke up the boredom for a while.




The dragon from that movie a lot of us saw as kids but haven’t shown to our kids for whatever reason!

We stayed just long enough to sit (well, stand with a kid on my shoulders) through the whole fireworks show, after which everyone was quite ready to get back to the hotel and sleep it all off. We had one more day (a half-day, park-wise) to enjoy, so we got right on that in the morning. The ride in was a bit concerning, given the torrential downpour and tornado warnings that accompanied the bus trip. Thankfully the rain had let up by the time we got there and remained somewhat light while we made our way to the Art of Animation building. We had potentially planned on doing some rides, but the weather left us little choice but to just hang around and meet some characters.


The boys had no complaints.


And why would they?


I mean, really. COME ON.


Even Christy got in on the action.


How often do you get a chance to thumb wrestle Mr. Incredible?


One last photo before we go.

Before we left, we did manage to get that family photo we wanted.


No castle, but good enough.

And that was that. If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the last two days you’re welcome to click here. We’re glad the vacation turned out so well despite Owen’s health issues. Sadly, the remainder of our story was a little rougher around the edges.

When we left Hollywood Studios, we had to wait a while in the rain for the bus. While we were waiting our phones informed us that our flight had been cancelled and rebooked with a connection in Miami. By the time we got back to the hotel we were pretty well soaked, so we quickly changed into some dry clothes and caught a cab to the airport. We got home late and Owen finally came down off the Disneyworld adrenaline high. His reaction to the medicine had stabilized but wasn’t getting better, and his legs were now itching/burning like crazy. We did our best to calm down his screaming while we rushed him back to the car and off to the urgent care center that prescribed us the antibiotics in the first place. They told us to stop his meds entirely and switch to a steroid and topical creams, then sent us on our way.

He was up until about 3 in the morning fussing about the pain even with Christy at his side trying to get him to rest. The following day we took him to his regular pediatrician and they gave him a big dose of steroids with instructions to step down off them over a long period of time. The burning continued for another day, with constant electronic distractions seeming to be the only sure way to keep him calm and stop him from screaming at the top of his lungs and frantically scratching his legs. After that he slowly began to get better, and we’re now under the impression that he was suffering from serum sickness, which is an allergic reaction to something in the antibiotic serum.

So now we have an answer whenever the doctor asks, “Any allergies?”

Ah well, at least he enjoyed Disneyworld and he’s back to normal now. Plus it’s not every year we can say that we’re looking forward to the comparative calm of Thanksgiving. I guess we’ll cover that next time.

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