Pre-Christmas Partytime

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After our weekend of nothing and the subsequent recovery from illness in the household, we had to get right back into the swing of things. It’s the week before Christmas, which means we had our usual rounds of parties to attend. Kind of important, too, since we haven’t had a chance to talk to the man in the red suit yet.

We started with Owen’s party on Wednesday, which was a bit odd given that he was actually out of school for the morning. He had a little issue with his food the day before that meant he couldn’t be there except for the party. Usually he has the whole day to get into the groove, but apparently jumping right in just doesn’t work for him.


He was a little shy.


We eventually got him to take a seat…


…but there was a bit of a compromise.


The whole class sang Christmas carols…except for Owen, who broke down in tears and refused.


We did eventually get him to enjoy the party.

Apparently the promise of a book gift was enough to get him back in the mood.


Imagine that. Happy as can be.


This is his “baloney” dance. More on that some other time.

The next day we had a lot of work to do to start getting ready for the holiday week. We planned to make all sorts of treats for the teachers, so we started with something the boys could help with.


Sugar cookies! I believe she’s trying to tell him not to pour the whole thing on there.


Max was enjoying it far too much.

With that work behind us, we had another party ahead of us.


Max’s turn!

This party was a little more involved than Owen’s, with lots of activities to keep everyone busy.


First, painting some ornaments.


Hooray, snowman!


Next up, a candy cane passing game.


It took Max some extra effort given the height difference.


After that they dressed each other up as snowmen.


They may have had some trouble with the hat.


After that, yet another snowman-related activity.


Apparently snowmen are delicious.

After the party, we had some time to take a few photos.


First grade 4 lyf.


Very ponderous.


Managed to get him to stand with his mom for a moment, too.

We all headed home after the party and started the process of getting ready for yet another one. We’ve been going to the party at pre-school for years and, just like the Halloween party, this would be our last one.


So we all got dressed up.


And we hung out for a bit.


And took a crazy picture or two.


Then they both told Santa they wanted tablets for Christmas.

After that, we all sat down for a nice dinner and finished out the evening with a little bit more cookie decorating.


Once he was finished he decided to give it to me. So kind.

The weekend was a bit more subdued, and all I managed to capture was some work the boys did in the play room.


Mom suggested they make a Christmas tree.


Owen grew bored with this and decided to take photos of his stuffed penguin instead.


They did finish it up eventually.

I think we’re all ready for Christmas now that we finished all our baking and wrapping and decorating and discovering bunnies vandalizing our Christmas lights. If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time with all the Christmas antics you can handle.

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