A Belated Christmas

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Every year we have a little pile of Christmas presents hanging around the house, waiting for us to meet up with the friends or family to which they belong. Sometimes they hang around for months at a time as plans shift and change. Then there are times like this week, when the stars align and we somehow manage to get together with the intended recipients a mere week or two after the holiday.

This set of gifts was destined for a couple of little boys we’ve known for quite some time.


Of course, we had to start by making a huge mess at their house.


They have these at home, but I guess it’s different when they belong to someone else.


Didn’t take too long for us to move on to the presents.


I think Owen was a bit excited.


Whee, Big Hero 6 figures!

While the boys played, I helped out with the construction of some exercise equipment that recently arrived. Once we had it together, we started testing it out.


Once they saw us doing it, well…you know how it goes.


Hnnnnngh…three hundred and forty seven….


Yes, they needed a little assistance.

They had some video game time and some general goofing around, and before we knew it we had to head out for dinner. There was a bit of a wait at the restaurant…


…but the boys coped surprisingly well.

Aside from that, it was a pretty quiet weekend. We hung out around the house, tried to continue our recovery from the holidays, and painted some turtles.


Not live ones. The boys had some crafts to work on.

It was a nice respite from all the running around we’ve been doing lately.

If you want to see the rest of the photos from the week, click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

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