Imagination and Birthdays

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After last week’s relaxation, we found ourselves back to our familiar full schedule. Max has been participating in a school group activity called “Destination Imagination”, and this weekend was an opportunity for his team to get some practice. We also had some birthdays to celebrate, but we’ll get to that in due time.

We arrived early for the DI event, so the boys socialized and made some new friends while we waited.


Haha, right.

When the time came, we escorted the team to their challenge room and I tried to snap some pictures without being too distracting.


They had to invent a new animal for the zoo.


Owen was surprisingly well behaved throughout this process. Possibly because I was playing Monopoly with him on his tablet.


Max apparently has issues with constructive criticism.

I should probably mention that all of this was taking place on Christy’s birthday. Yes, she selflessly sacrificed her day so her eye rolling son could go along for the event. Thankfully, once we were done with DI we had the rest of the day to ourselves. Christy decided to celebrate by trying to relax as much as possible. We started by opening presents.


You can’t really tell, but that’s a new tablet. About time she had a nicer one than either of her sons.

We had some nice meals (including our half-joking tradition of taking her to Jason’s Deli for her birthday dinner), put the boys to bed, and crashed on the couch so Christy could watch a movie she’s been wanting to see for a while. She seemed pretty happy about it all, but sadly she wouldn’t have the rest of the weekend to rest. We had another birthday to celebrate, after all.


Which meant lots of playtime for the boys.

Max did his best to immediately find the muddiest part of the yard and play in it. Thankfully I was able to mostly rescue his shoes…eventually…


You’re welcome, buddy.


Always nice to get the gang together.


Owen insisted on stealing all the pretzels out of my snack mix. He ate almost none of them.

I didn’t manage to get many good photos of the present opening process, but I did catch a bit of the aftermath.


Owen is generally an excellent clean-up helper.

After everything was nice and tidy, we headed outside so the kids could beat something with a stick.


You have to wait for the stick, buddy.


Max knocked off one of the legs.


…and Owen got the other one.

After all the kids had taken their turn, it was determined that the best course of action would be to just tear him open and toss the candy out.


So that happened.


…and the children rejoiced.


If you look closely, you can see that Owen is being very careful to only pick up blue raspberry lollipops.

It was a slightly more exciting celebration than we had for Christy (Happy birthday!), but I think everyone came away from the weekend pretty happy. If you want to see the rest of the photos from the week, you can click here. See you next time!

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