A Weekend Off

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After all the birthday excitement of the previous weekend, Christy and I decided we should take a weekend off. I suppose Mimi considered it a belated birthday present. In any case, we had much of a day and a night all to ourselves with no kids to worry about, so we made the most of it and didn’t do much in the way of taking photos.

We did catch a few before we sent the kids on their way, though. Jayden had a volleyball game in town so we dropped in to watch her play.


The boys weren’t exactly giving their undivided attention.

After the game Christy and I headed off to a spa for some massages then spent the rest of the day relaxing, eating less than healthy food, and just generally enjoying some alone time. We were reunited with the boys the next day and they regaled us with tales of their night at Mimi’s house over some pizza. Always nice to know they had a good time when they were away, since it makes us feel a little less guilty about abandoning them.

There are only two more photos from the week, and both of them just depict the boys goofing off in the stands at the volleyball game. It was a nice break, but we’ll be back to our usual antics next week. Maybe we’ll even have a few more photos then.

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