Snow Leftovers

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Last week was quite busy with all of the snow and grandparents and sledding and snowmen, so this week we decided to just take it easy and relax as well as we could.

Just kidding. We hired someone to come tear all the tile out of our kitchen and fireplace for a long overdue update.

If you want to see some before and afters of the kitchen, you can check those out in the full album for the week.

Unfortunately all the remodeling meant we didn’t have a lot of time for photos and fun. Luckily I did manage to get a few at the end of the week. Our front yard is positioned in a way that is mostly shaded throughout the day, so the snow from the previous week hadn’t quite melted away entirely. Max and Christy decided to use the rest of it to put something in our front yard.


It’s a cat-erpillar.

Yep. Bad puns. That’s what I’m going to close with. The rest of the photos can be found at the link from earlier in the blog, so feel free to check them out. See you next time!

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