Boredom, Tiny Cars, and Science

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Everything has thawed out, which means the boys are back into their old routine. Well, they would be if this weren’t Max’s spring break. We had a trip planned for the whole family to go to Arkansas, stay in a cabin, and enjoy some time out in nature. Unfortunately we wound up getting rained out at the last minute so we had to improvise.

Mostly this meant the boys were all kinds of bored all week, but we did what we could to try and keep things entertaining.


I think they’re entertained. Maybe.

We did a lot of spring cleaning, which meant getting out some old toys and figuring out what we could sell or donate.


I think they might have outgrown this.


I guess a little over three years was a pretty good run.

Christy took her share of the work early in the week and I took my share starting about midway through. I naturally chose to entertain the boys by taking them to a nickel arcade. Max was wandering around trying out various machines but Owen tried to focus on one.


Which of course meant he hit the jackpot.




Then, you know, A THIRD TIME. These are not all the same photo, I swear.

He was kind enough to share his riches with his brother, and they gathered up a mountain of trinkets before we headed on our way.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful, so on Friday we decided to reward them for their patience and hard work by taking them out to the museum.


You might want to click on this one so you can zoom in on Max’s running face.


Owen still has the form of a soccer star.


Max throws a football like…well, me probably. I never was good with that.


I think they were happy to get out of the house.


Well, one is happy. I don’t know what this expression is.


This one, I think, is “concentration”.


Owen built a tower (with a little help from Mommy).


He also found a worm with the microscope.

Next spring break we’ll have both kids out of school (Owen starts Kindergarten in the fall), so maybe we’ll try our luck again. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for us.

If you want to see the rest of the photos, click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time.

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