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After the snow delay, the rescheduled Destination Imagination tournament is finally upon us. Max and his team have been working hard for months to get ready, and they finally got to show off their stuff for everyone. That wasn’t all that happened, though, as we also had plans to go up to Sherman to celebrate a birthday and have a little fun.

Saturday began with the DI tournament.


They started by making some adjustments to their Rockstar Castle.


Owen was along for the ride, and spent much of the day doing this.


Once the castle was in order, the kids suited up and played some Uno to pass the time.


Before we knew it, it was showtime.

It took a little creative editing work to bring it all together, but I managed to get it together okay.

DI Rockstars


Once all that excitement was done, I parted ways with the team. Christy had some volunteer work to do and we weren’t allowed to participate in any of their challenges. Owen and I found a comfy place to settle in while we waited.


Nice and comfy.

When they were finished with the challenge, we all gathered in the school gym for the awards ceremony. Before that started up, the kids had a few fun activities to enjoy.


They spent some time hitting this beach ball around.


Then came lots of dancing. Yes, Owen joined in the fun.

When all that was done, they walked across the stage to get their long-awaited awards.


Yay medals!

We got the group together one last time before we all headed out so we could get a decent group photo.


Aye aye, captains.

The next day we headed up to Sherman for the birthdays and fun time with the cousins.


Mostly this meant basketball.


Lots and lots of basketball.

We were up there for aunt Joann’s birthday, so we eventually had to come back in and have some cake.


Such helpful boys.

It was a nice day, so before we headed out of town we decided to drop by Christy’s college campus. We took the boys over to a wall that had the names of all the graduates on it.


They found mommy’s name.


Then we wandered around a bit to get some photos.


Yes, kids, that’s a building where college students live.


Yes, Christy, you have to leave him on your back a little longer so I can take a photo.

Thus our weekend drew to a close and we headed back home to get ready for another week of insanity. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. Otherwise, see you next week!

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