A Full Weekend

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As is often the case, we had a very full weekend this week. In addition to a t-ball game, we had a party to attend and a surprise for the boys that we’d been planning for a few weeks. Then, of course,
we had another birthday party. The fun never stops!

We begin with our regularly scheduled game of t-ball.


Owen has a little more focus this year than last year.


But the ball still gets past him now and then.


Okay, maybe a little more often than just now and then.


He still has a good arm, though.


And he does just fine at the plate.

We’re still working on getting him not to play with dirt when he plays in the outfield, but we understand it’s tough when there aren’t many balls headed his way. His brother was the same way, after all.

Later that day we had a birthday party for Tanner, so we headed over to our local trampoline emporium so the kids could get their jump on.


Owen jumped.


Max jumped.


Tanner jumped.


Blakely jumped.


Christy jumped.


Scout…did not jump.

I think he was a little shy. I jumped, but no one got a photo of that.


We did get this though.

Once everyone was nice and worn out, we went over to the party section so Tanner could blow out his candles.




Alright, maybe you can eat cake first.

After the party we all piled into the car with an extra passenger. A couple of weeks ago we invited Casen out to spend the night with us and go to the convention center on Sunday. The boys spent a bunch of time playing video games with him and hanging out until bedtime, then Casen and I stayed up until about midnight playing even more video games.

So naturally the next morning…


…we went to play even more games.

The convention center in town was hosting a pinball convention, and I wasn’t about to miss it. All the machines were on free play, so we just wandered around playing whatever we could find and had all kinds of fun looking at the random things people brought along.


They have no idea what this is.


We found a two-player table where you flip the balls across to the other player.


It kept the boys occupied for quite some time.


Owen is actually pretty good at pinball.

After the boys were completely tired of playing every pinball game in existence, we piled back into the car and headed out to our second birthday party of the weekend. Thankfully, this one got us outdoors for a bit.


I…don’t know.


Max is an owl, in case you weren’t aware.

The birthday party was being held at the Heard Museum, which meant the kids got the chance to interact with some animals.


Like this hedgehog, who was not named Sonic.


…and this rabbit, who was not named Thumper.

After the animal show drew to a close, we headed outside for a nice long nature hike.


It was hard to tell if Max enjoyed it or not.


The nature guide managed to miss this little guy, but someone else spotted it so I lagged behind to snap some photos.

We made our way back down the path and indoors, where everyone enjoyed some little bundt cakes and went their separate ways. The kids had a fun weekend with Casen so I’m sure we’ll invite him out again sometime.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos, click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

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