Easter 2015

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Another year, another visit from a bunny who scatters plastic eggs all over the place. This will be yet another in a series of last parties at pre-school, but we had a lot more plans than that. Let the endless egg hunts begin!

Well, not yet. First we have to sit down for the traditional pre-game snack.


Yes, yes, go get your snack.


Yay, cheese!


Yes, mommy was there.


Hooray! Egg time!

The area closest to the kids was scoured pretty quickly…



…but Owen wanted to be absolutely sure he got every last egg in the vicinity.


Meanwhile, everyone else has moved on to areas of higher concentration.


He eventually moved over there to get a few well-hidden eggs.


This one was hidden especially for him.

After all the egg hunting, they had a quick egg relay before we headed out.


Want to balance an egg? Stick out your tongue.

Once we were done with that, we headed out to pick up Max and make our way to our evening destination. We usually spend Easter down in Houston with the family, but this year we had a bit of a layover in the middle so we could celebrate at my aunt and uncle’s place out in the country. We arrived just in time for dinner, so we called everyone to see if they’d like to come join us. Jenn and her crew were able to come, but Nan and Papa got on the road a little late.


So naturally we sent them this.

After dinner we met up with Nan and Papa at the hotel for a few minutes before turning in. We struggled to get the kids to go to bed for a while before they finally gave up, then rose bright and early to enjoy the complimentary breakfast buffet. The kids were far more interested in pressing a button on a machine to make pancakes than they were in actually consuming the results, but they ate well enough to get their energy up for the day.


Which was good, because it was kind of an exciting day for them.


The kids enjoyed their little trip around the property. We enjoyed some peace and quiet.

Meanwhile, the adults all sat around enjoying a wide variety of delicious foods…mostly crawfish. Once I grew tired of that, I decided to go play a bit with the kids. Naturally this meant finding my way over to the nearby rows of hay bales.


I may or may not have Ninja Warriored my way between the rows a few times.

We went up to the house for a quick restroom break, and the kids managed to slip away from me. Wasn’t tough to find them, though.


Shockingly enough, they’d made a beeline for the tire swing.


RyanPaul was a lot less concerned about it than Owen.


I’m going to start feeding that boy steaks every time I see him.

After I coaxed them away from the swing, we headed back over to the crawfish boil and I coaxed Christy into joining us on the hay bales for a photo op.


So a photo op we had!


And another!

By then the sun was just high enough to start melting chocolate inside of eggs.


So the egg hunt began!


Owen helped August find a couple of eggs.


We should probably put names on the money eggs next year to prevent shaking and hoarding.

The rest of the day was spent finishing up crawfish, helping get everything packed up, and heading off to Nan and Papa’s house so we could spend Easter Sunday there.


So of course we got up bright and early once again.


The boys wound up with more loot than they could handle.


Then we got them all nice and dressed up for church.

After church, we headed back to the house for…


…wait, what? MORE?


Well, at least it kept them distracted so we could keep them in their church clothes for a picture.

So that happened, then shortly thereafter…


…we began yet another egg hunt.




Oh, we also took down the last of Nan’s Christmas decorations.

I think that’s about all the photos I can stuff into one blog post. The rest of the weekend was just wrapping up, packing up, and getting ourselves back home. If you want to see the rest of the photos you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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