Jumping, Ballooning, and Camping

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This week we actually had some plans for the boys, some of which have been planned for quite some time now. The rain actually managed to hold out a little for us so we could follow through with everything, which was awfully nice of it.

We began with a get-together for Max’s DI team to celebrate their success. This one’s been in the works for a little while, but got delayed after the snow pushed the DI tournament out a few weeks.


This is Max trying to act casual, like he’s too cool for all this.


Owen had no such qualms.


No qualms at all, in fact.


This was about the best I got out of Max.

We were heading home after all the jumping when we spotted something floating over the neighborhood. Our house is near some wide open farm land, and we often see hot air balloons off in the distance when the weather is nice. This one, though…it was a bit closer.


As in driving right under it closer. I took this shot through the sunroof of the car.

Christy and I decided to turn around and follow the balloon for a bit to see where it was headed. The boys found this amusing, and I’m sure they think I’m crazy we parked and I jumped out of the car to run over and catch a few shots.


I’d say it was worth it.

We wound up chasing it a little ways down the road to a field where they set down. We watched the balloon deflate, then headed back to pick up my car (we’d driven separately to the trampoline place, then went to dinner together). I decided to drive back over and drop in on the balloonists, who were more than happy to give me a card so I could send them some of the photos of their flight.

On Saturday we kept our eyes on the weather to make sure it was going to be safe for us to be outdoors for a bit. All week the forecast said there would be constant thunderstorms throughout the weekend, but things were looking like they might be clear just long enough for us to follow through on our plans.


So we went camping.


Owen “finished” his raisin, peanut, and M&M snack on the way there.

We set up the campsite and still had plenty of afternoon and good weather ahead of us…


…so we rented a canoe.


This is what I deal with.


I asked Max to (very carefully) take a few majestic photos of me.

Then, when my phone was firmly back in my pocket, I risked our ability to return to shore by letting the boys try out the only paddle we had.


This pleased them greatly.

Thankfully they mostly just splashed each other and we were able to return to dry land without much trouble. After that, we headed back to the campsite.


Max was thrilled.

I kid. He was just upset because he got in trouble for being mean to his brother.


Yes, that Owen.

We did a bit of walking around and checking out the surrounding area, then we started gathering up some wood for the fire.


Which of course led right into dinner.

After all the hot dogs and sandwiches and s’mores we could handle, we took another walk to get a quick restroom break. On the way, I noticed something and had to rush back to the campsite to get my camera.


Couldn’t miss this, after all.

We woke up in the morning, had a bit of breakfast, and got right back into the thick of things.


This campground had a playground, which provided a nice distraction for the boys.


Max ignored my suggestion to keep his shoes on.


Owen listened a little better.

The remainder of the morning was spent in a vain attempt at fishing. Try as they might, the boys couldn’t manage to hook anything. I reeled a little sunfish in, but didn’t get a photo of it before we had to put it back in the water. Maybe next time we’ll have better luck.

With that, we packed everything back up and headed into town for some burgers, then set our course for home.

It was a pretty long weekend, picture-wise. If you want to see the rest of them, click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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