Awards and a Houston Visit

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As we slowly but surely approach the end of the school year, we find ourselves attending the usual gatherings for honoring the students for a job well done. We fulfilled our parental obligations (not that you had to force us to go) and prepared ourselves for a weekend with the family down in The Woodlands.

But first, the awards! Max is beginning to develop a too-cool-for-school attitude, and I think that combined with a bit of nervousness to produce some fairly typical Max faces during the ceremony.


This was about as good as I got from him. Mr. Sly Face.

Once he was on stage, he seemed to settle on a fairly neutral expression.


I don’t even know what to do with this.


This is his “I’m getting an award” face.

Again, not sure if he was just nervous or intentionally messing with me. Either way, he was much better once the ceremony was over and we got him outside.


Actual facial expressions! Hooray!


Hey, good one of he and Christy.


Hey, good one of he and I.

We’d made plans to head down to The Woodlands for the weekend, and thankfully Nan and Papa agreed to watch the kids overnight so Christy and I could check ourselves into a nice hotel and get some much needed time off. We treated ourselves to a movie, a nice dinner, and sleeping in. The last of those three was unfortunately interrupted by a tornado warning on our phones, but thankfully nothing touched down nearby. When we returned to Nan and Papa’s house, the boys insisted on getting back into the pool as immediately as possible.


It has been a while.


Goofballs, the lot of them.

I retired indoors to handle a bit of tech support (fixing Wiis and setting up a tablet for Nan), but luckily Christy stuck around and took some more photos of the boys.


She’ll be happy she did when she’s agonizing over the photo book this fall.

Later that evening, we got the boys dressed up so they could attend a recital for their cousin.


No, not that one. I was just making them laugh by taking super close-up shots of their noses and stuff.


That one.

She did a wonderful job and the boys were quite entertained. We stayed through the other performances but about halfway through Max suddenly started getting very emotional. He was crying but couldn’t explain why, and we noticed that he seemed really warm. By the time we got him back to Nan and Papa’s house and checked his temperature, he was up over 100 and not feeling so hot. This lasted through the rest of the weekend but thankfully it seemed to clear up by the end of Tuesday.

Another exciting weekend for us all. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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