A Wild Kitten Appears!

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After our weekend of fireworks boredom, we had one of those slow weeks where there wasn’t much going on. We did make a trip out to visit some old friends, but we were content to let the kids play on their own for the most part (older kids have their advantages). This meant that I only snapped a few photos, but at least everyone had a good time.

This particular visit was made more exciting by a recent addition to our good friends’ lineup of pets.



The kitten seemed content to spend most of its time running away and hiding from the kids. Of course, they still managed to catch up often enough to keep themselves happy.


No, Owen, we’re not getting another cat.

Not a crazy or busy weekend, but sometimes a reprieve from that is nice. If you want to see another photo of Max harassing the kitten, you can look through the album here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time.

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