And Then There Was a Bunk Bed

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After all the birthday shenanigans, we had a week where our most exciting family event was a furniture delivery. That wasn’t all we had in store, though. I’d been planning to spend some time this summer having a day with each of the boys. This week was Max’s turn.

Unfortunately I don’t really have many photos from our adventures, mostly because they wouldn’t let me bring my GoPro on the slides at the water park. We had a lot of fun, though. Max showed a lot of bravery by taking on some slides even I was even a little iffy about. Granted, he only did them once before deciding they weren’t quite his cup of tea. We headed out for a little bit to grab some lunch before returning for one last ride or two. Then we headed out to our next destination.

Max has been begging all summer to go see the second Avengers movie, and I decided that he was probably old enough to handle it. The only place we could find with a showing was a dine-in theater, so we headed down there and enjoyed the nice, comfy theater. Thankfully I’d already seen it, so I was able to bug Max during any brief moments I didn’t want him to hear. When the movie was over it was a bit late, so I decided to call Christy and let her know that I’d be eating out with Max.

If you ask Max what he wants to eat, most of the time his response will be, “Steak!” This is perfectly fine with me, and I took the opportunity to introduce him to a great barbecue place near the movie theater that makes a really mean ribeye.

We made our way past the barbecue pits and Max selected a few things to tide him over before we got our steak.

2015-07-21 - 1914c

Corn on the cob is his other favorite food.

I’d say it was an excellent father/son day.

With the weekend came the furniture delivery. We’d actually bought it several weeks ago but couldn’t get a delivery until now. Max’s bed has been nearly falling apart for a while, so we decided to demote it back to a crib and sell it. Owen’s bed moved to Max’s room, and into Owen’s room…


Bunk bed!

The boys have been waiting for this thing for a while.


Especially Owen.


Max wasn’t big on it being in Owen’s room, but he’ll learn to live with it.

The boys spent the night in Owen’s room, but the novelty didn’t last long for Max. They’re both back to sleeping in their own rooms, but Owen now gets to sleep a little higher than he used to. It’ll be handy for sleepovers, at least.

Not too bad for a post-birthday week. If you want to check out some more photos of the boys reacting to the bed, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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