Painting and Lego Time

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Max had his week of fun last week, so we had to even things out a bit for Owen. Thankfully I had a plan and (coincidentally) some work for Max to help out with. I also had something else.


A cat!

Seriously though, we had work to do. We recently bought a bunch of cans of paint so Christy could finally fulfill her desire to change the color of some rooms. First, though, we had to tape around all the baseboards.


This was after the work.

Max has been doing a lot of experiments lately, and this was one of his attempts to figure out how long it takes for water to freeze.


Least flavorful popsicle ever.

Christy and I did all the painting and now our guest room is a lovely shade of blue that I’m sure she’d be able to name if you asked.

Max had his day out with me during the week so we could enjoy a slightly less crowded water park, but thankfully I didn’t need to take a vacation day off for Owen. We hopped in the car on Sunday morning and headed, oddly enough, back to the mall where Max and I watched a movie the week before.


This made Owen laugh when I showed it to him, so I figured why not keep it.


We went to LegoLand.

The last time we went, Max came along for the ride and I had to try and figure out how to keep them both entertained. It was a little easier this time with just the one kid to look after.


They were having a Ninjago event, so Owen was super excited about that.

We started out with building a tower to see if it could stand up to a bunch of shaking.


No sweat.

Then we tried to build a car that could make it down a ramp.


No problem.


Okay fine, minor problem.

After that we just continued around the place, partaking in all the activities on offer.


Playing in the play zone.


Building with giant Lego blocks.


Watching 4D movies.


Building spaceships.


Playing a ninja game with a ninja.


Playing outside in the new water park.


Dumping water on his head.

Just, you know, your standard trip through LegoLand. We had a little time after we were done with the gift shop so we headed across the way to the aquarium. Tickets for both were only a little extra so I decided to let Owen do both.


The first room was very blue.

It turned out to be a pretty small aquarium, but we still enjoyed walking through and checking out the various tanks.


Like this one with a photobombing shark.


…and the elusive Owenfish tank.


…and this starfish touch tank.

It was another nice father-son day for the both of us. We should probably try to do it more often.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, click here. Otherwise we’ll be back next week!

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