Twas the Week Before School

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As the summer draws to a close (Max: “NOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!”) I found it necessary to take a day off work to spend with the boys. We decided to make one last trip to the rec center so they could play around in the water, but we also had some other plans for the week.

We actually didn’t spend a whole lot of time swimming because the weather was conspiring against us. Turns out it’s not quite as much fun in the water when it’s 70° outside.


The boys didn’t mind too much, but they also didn’t last long.

Once we got out they were shivering so much that I decided to give them a snack then head out.


Max wanted sour candy, so I obliged.

That night was Meet the Teacher night at school, so we took Owen over to get his first taste of life in Kindergarten.


Going to be an interesting year.


Max has been doing this long enough that he’s kind of over it now.

Saturday brought with it a chance for the boys to get together with some friends for some quality goof-off time.


Water balloon goof-off time.

It was a bit of a mixed bag. The water balloons either held up too well and didn’t pop on contact or they started losing water before they got airborne.


The kids didn’t seem to care.


Kids are pretty adaptable.


The water guns may have helped a little too.

When all the excitement of the weekend died down, the boys wanted to sit down and have a chat with Nan before their first day. Nan wasn’t there, but the wonders of technology know no physical bounds.


So yeah, we had a web chat.

It’s been a crazy summer, and we’re more than ready to get the boys back to school. It’ll be nice not having to make two trips to drop them off and pick them up in the morning!

It’s probably time for a little admission for the last few and the following 50-ish posts on the blog. The first year of school for both kids was crazy and over time this thing just lost prevalence in our hierarchy of things to do. As such, it’s been nearly a year since I wrote a post. I’m going to catch them up properly (much to Christy’s chagrin) but it’ll take a little bit of work and some of the detail will have been lost to the fickleness of memory. What won’t be lost, though, is that we called this “The Summer of ‘What If?'”. On August 16 last year I sent myself an e-mail with no body and that as the subject to remind myself about it, and I can now officially mark that e-mail as read.

Max has always been curious, and this summer his curiosity teamed up with his creativity to create a bit of an imagination monster. Every day, many times a day, he would start a sentence with “What if…”

“What if there was a robot and it would clean your house for you?”

“What if the whole world was made of candy?”

He still hasn’t stopped, but it was such a constant thing that we couldn’t help but think of it as the theme of the last few months. It ranges from cute to thought provoking to aggravating (depending on the context, situation, and content), and it’s just part of who he is now.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos, feel free to click here. We’ll be back next time as I continue working my way through the year with the boys’ first day together in elementary school.

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