Baking Cakes and Swimming at Nan and Papa’s

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It’s been a busy year and we haven’t spent nearly as much time with Nan and Papa as we’d like. We decided it would be good to try and get down there before we get too crazy with school and life generally.

We usually arrive pretty late on Friday, so the photos don’t start in earnest until Saturday. Of course, one of the first things the kids wanted to do was get in the pool.


Hard to argue with that.


Oh right, I guess I had the GoPro with me.

Pool time where the kids play with each other usually lasts until just a little after I get in the pool, at which point it turns into “THROW ME!” time.


Owen actually prefers not to be thrown.


That is not true of his cousins.


…or his brother.


He does like the diving board, though.

On Sunday we decided to have an early celebration of Owen’s birthday since we were in town. It was decided that he would have cupcakes, and he felt like it was his job to help.


He did go to a chef’s academy a few weeks ago…


Max helped with the icing portion of the job.


Happy early birthday!

He also had a chance to open some presents early.


This pleased him.


Did I mention we had bacon? We had bacon.

In a shocking turn of events, before we left we decided to get back in the pool.


Oh, the danger of it all.

Of course, I was having fun in there too.


Jumping through hoops…


Leaping onto Nan’s lounging chair…


Being scolded by RyanPaul for popping Nan’s lounging chair…

I bought her a new one! Promise!

For some reason Max got a little pouty (might have been getting close to time to go).


This made him mope.


RyanPaul tried to fix it. If you click on that image to zoom it a bit you can see Max cracking a smile.

It was a fun weekend, but sadly as with all of them we had to head home. Max has started to really have a rough time leaving Nan and Papa’s house these days, and usually sheds a few tears in the car knowing we won’t see them again for a little while. It’s a rough couple minutes, but eventually he settles into his electronics and moves past it.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos, click here. Otherwise we’ll be back next time!

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