A Long Anticipated Photo Shoot

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This weekend we invited my whole side of the family out so we could get in a long overdue photo shoot with our photographer. It’s been far too many years since we replaced the one above Nan and Papa’s mantle, so Christy worked her hardest to fix that.

Before the crowd descended on our humble abode, we went to Owen’s weekly t-ball game.


Told you he was getting good.


Yay running!


I only get one of these a season, so I have to take advantage.

The boys welcomed our visitors with their usual enthusiasm.


Nan is getting used to this.


We made Owen clean up a little, at least.

Owen and Max were super happy to have their buddy Chandler out for the weekend. We don’t get to see him up here often enough, so they took full advantage of the situation.


How embarrassing. Two of you are going to have to change.


Such lovely ladies at my kitchen table.


They were pretty happy in the morning when I made waffles for them.

After all the goofiness around the house we got down to business. Everyone drove out to the arboretum and we walked around for quite a while snapping photos until everyone was too tired to take it anymore. I think some of the adults were more worn out than the kids by the time we were done. We did, however, get a lot of great photos out of it. After that we were all so worn out I didn’t take too many more photos before everyone had to head home.


They always hate saying goodbye.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week (aside from the photo shoot) click here. Next time we’ll be covering our crazy trip out to New Mexico to see giant inflatable cows and monsters and stuff. See you then!

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