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We returned form our weekend in New Mexico and got right back into work and school as usual. We could have used some rest, but fate had chosen a different path for us. This path was filled with cake and bounce houses and tires instead of sleeping in and staying in our pajamas.

Both Max and Owen had a birthday party to attend, so on Saturday we headed out to party number one.


Bounce house time with his best buddy from day care.


Owen really seemed to like trying to run across these giant balls.


He got pretty good at it.

We’ve become accustomed to this party type, having been to a lot of them (and thrown a few ourselves). The kids run around for a bit, then I hand my camera over to Christy and I run around for a bit, then everyone moves to another room to repeat the process with new stuff. Once everyone is a giant sweaty mess we move on to the party room.



On Sunday we headed over to a nearby park to attend a party for one of Max’s school buddies. This one was military themed.


Can’t be a soldier without a camouflage headband.


I can’t even see him. Amazing.


Obligatory war face.

They brought along all the makings of an obstacle course but started by letting the kids roll tires up and down the hill.


Mostly down.


We eventually got around to the actual obstacle course.


Max’s height makes these kinds of crawling obstacles extra difficult.

Obstacle Running


The next event was a game of hot potato played with a fake grenade. Usually the game involves the children yelling and screaming whenever one of them gets out, but Max apparently decided it needed to be far more interesting. When he got out, he engaged in an overly dramatic death sequence.


Part of this sequence involved running 50 feet away and flailing around.

With all that insanity behind them, we moved on to yet another activity.


I feel like this is unfair.


He gave it his best effort.

I attempted to win a match against all of Max’s buddies, but wound up with my feet sliding along the ground. Turns out when you stack up a lot of kids they have a fairly high combined strength and weight.

All of the official activities were complete (aside from cake) but the children did not find this acceptable. They began coming up with their own activities to get the most out of their various props.


Not the best idea, not the worst. I’ll allow it.

That was the final party of the weekend, so we called it a day and headed back home to try and get rested up for the week to come. If you want to check out a few more photos from the week, click here. Otherwise we’ll be back next time!

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