Halloween Week, Book Fair, and Hikeathon

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No parties this week, but we did have plenty on the agenda. Christy has been working like crazy to create a memorable book fair for school and the boys will finally get to parade around town in their Halloween gear.

We begin with the inevitable tradition.



Yes, if you check the date we did actually carve them on the day of Halloween. Things get kind of busy when it’s book fair season. It wasn’t too long before we had to start getting ready to hit the neighborhood.


T Rex may have had short arms, but he still knew how to tie a tie.


We had to try and get a photo before the sun went down.


I did a quick lap of the block before deciding to let Christy take over.

While I was hanging out waiting for trick or treaters, I decided to get a couple photos of our pumpkin creations.


Donkey Kong (Owen’s).


Yoshi (Max’s).

The boys made a pretty solid hike around the neighborhood with a group of other kids.


The haul was significant.

The following day we got back to preparing for the book fair, which meant getting out an old costume to repurpose it.


In this case, it was repurposed as a cat bed.

We didn’t have too much time to do that, though. We had a Cub Scout event to attend. This would be our first annual Hike-a-Thon with the pack, which involved gathering together and hiking 3 miles in a nearby park.


So of course it was raining.

We soldiered on and made it through without any issues despite the wet weather. In fact, I think Max might have enjoyed it even more than if it had been sunny.


Rain hair is best hair!


He found this spot where the water was dripping and apparently decided it would be the best place to stand.

Yet another eventful weekend leading into a very eventful time for the family. Not only do we have Max’s birthday coming up, we have another Scouting event and the actual week of book fair ahead. Crazy times. If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week click here. Be back next time!

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