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The stream of parties continues this weekend, this time with a family event up in Sherman. That’s not all we were up to, though. We also had an unexpectedly dangerous outing with the boys and an opportunity to give a preview of our Halloween costumes.

We begin the excitement on Saturday, when one of Max’s buddies invited him to go roller skating. Max has never been before, and we kind of expected he might have some trouble given his high center of gravity.


He gave it his best shot, but there was a lot of falling involved.


His brother was a little more enthusiastic about it.

I even managed to somehow get some video of Owen working his way around the rink.

Owen Skating
Good times at the rink.

We weren’t out there too long before Owen decided he was done with his balancing act.


Max was done much earlier, and he was pretty sweaty.


Owen was unhappy about no longer having anything to do.


A couple of quarters in the candy crane fixed the problem.

The boys played for a little longer then we took everyone home, thankfully without any lasting injuries. On Sunday we headed up to Sherman to celebrate a couple of birthdays. Mostly this just meant goofing off as is our usual plan when we visit.


These two provide a reasonable quantity of off goofing.

We eventually got to Jayden and Pappaw opening gifts, but that didn’t seem to slow down Owen and Tanner.


Everyone else was doing this…


…while Tanner was pretending to be a gorilla picking bugs out of Owen’s hair.

We finished all the present opening and went back to hanging out, but we weren’t quite done giving people things. Recently the boys have been working on a lot of colorful mosaics in a paint-by-numbers kind of book, and they brought one along to give to Coleta.


I really need to work on Owen learning where to put his hands during photos.

Halloween is drawing near, and we decided to unveil a couple of our costumes a little early since we were in town. After a lot of consideration in the costume aisle, Owen made his selection.


He didn’t realize these sharks were kind of a big deal on the Internet after the Superbowl halftime show.


I, on the other hand, knew full well what I was doing.


Max loves this thing.

Surprisingly enough, we weren’t quite done when we left Mimi and Pappaw’s house. We actually had one more stop to make before heading home. The joys of nature had bestowed upon Aunt Cindy a litter of kittens, and the boys wanted to check them out.



With that, we closed the book on the weekend and headed home. If you want to check out the rest of the pictures from the week you can click here. Otherwise we’ll be back next week!

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