Book Fair, A Parade, and Max’s Birthday

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Now that we’ve gorged on all the kids’ Halloween candy and recovered ever so slightly, it’s time for another weekend of insanity. Book Fair continued taking up plenty of our time, but the weekend belonged to Max…and the Cub Scouts.

Before we made it to the weekend, Max had a chance to show off during the school announcements. He was presenting a review of a book he read so he got to hang around and dance for the camera and generally goof off.


Ahh, that costume never gets old.

After all the hard work was done, we eased on into the weekend. We had some visitors come up to join us for Max’s birthday party. That wouldn’t be happening until Sunday, though, and Saturday we already had other plans. Frisco was having their annual community parade and Max’s Cub Scout pack was participating.


Owen got to hang out with Nan, Papa, and Christy while we walked.


They were there for quite a while.


Waiting, and waiting…


…and waiting…

Each of these photos has a timestamp on it, so I can actually see exactly how long they were waiting. Turns out it was two hours.


See that horse behind us? That’s the very end of the parade.


Hey, we made it, that’s all that matters.


At least there was a cool door nearby where we could take photos.

I’m drawing a bit of a blank on the remainder of the day, so we’ll just skip ahead to Sunday. Whenever Owen and Papa get together Owen challenges him to a game of checkers.


It’s turning into a tradition.


High levels of smug detected.

He’s actually pretty good. It won’t be long before he’s beating all of us and moves on to chess. We got everyone dressed up and ready to go, but let Max open his gift from Nan and Papa before we headed to his party.


I think he was happy with it.

We headed out to the mall so Max could spend some time hanging out with his buddies and play games.


Ahh, air hockey. Always best with as many players and goals as possible.

It was pretty dark down there, and thus quite difficult to get decent photos.


Things are a little brighter in the redemption center.

After they all collected their prizes, we headed upstairs for some cake.


Happy birthday buddy!


His theme this year was Pokemon. I’ll admit we don’t quite go all out anymore to push the theme for the party.

We ate the cake, gathered up all the gifts, and headed back to the car to drop everything off.


I couldn’t not take a photo of Christy with balloons attached to her.

One of Max’s buddies showed up a bit late for the party and was only there for the cake. We decided to stay a little longer so he could have some fun.


Back to the game dungeon, children!

We eventually made our way back to the house and wished Nan and Papa a safe trip back home. We let Max open a bunch of his presents but saved ours for last.


Another year, another video game that encourages the children to buy a bunch of totally unnecessary plastic figures.

With that, the weekend drew to a close. We’ll be back next time with, surprisingly enough, another birthday party. Until then, feel free to check out the rest of the photos from the week.

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