Max’s Actual Birthday, Book Fair, Scouting, and Another Birthday

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The neverending series of birthdays continues this week, with the celebration of Max’s actual birthday and another party over the weekend. In keeping with the theme of deja vu, we also had a scouting event and the book fair going on this week. Perhaps next week we’ll be back to normal, but we’ll have to see.

We begin with Max’s actual birthday, which we started with a traditional birthday pastry.


Happy cinnamon roll!

After breakfast we got everyone ready to go to school. As is becoming another tradition, I took the day off work so I could volunteer at school and hang out with Max’s class all day.


But first, I stood around outside in a dinosaur costume for a while.

After that I went back in to hang out for announcements, during which the boys got to teach me the dance I was not told I’d be doing.


I didn’t ask for this.

I spent the day helping around the classroom and trying my best to stay out of trouble. Max was quite happy to have me around, and all the other kids spent the day asking me whether or not I was the dinosaur.

The next day we continued our weekly routine with another cub scout event. We opted not to stay overnight since we had a birthday to attend the next day, but we did have plenty of time to wander around the big event and take part in lots of activities and lots of walking.


Soccer wasn’t on the list, but the kids were playing so we joined in for a little bit.


Wasn’t long before we moved on to the good stuff.


Plenty of representation for all the shooting sports.

There was also a demonstration going on with some high powered remote controlled cars. There were some slightly lower powered versions that the kids were allowed to use, but there was a pretty long line.


So we waited.

The other members of the group had moved on without us, so we were on our own to wander the grounds. We happened upon a camel, and the kids were taking turns feeding it hay. The camel was alternating between eating and bleating at the kids.


Max found this hilarious.

After he was done giggling, we moved down the path a little ways and found some more animals to mess with.


The ducks were pretty chill.


Please don’t poop, please don’t poop, please don’t poop…

Max held and pet various animals until he happened upon a rabbit that decided it was done with all the attention and gave him a nice bite on his hand. We cleaned it up, got him bandaged, and moved on. The rest of the day we walked around and played some video games, sat in a car, arrived too late to sit in a plane, ran through a bounce house obstacle course, and eventually made our way back to the group. We called it a night before it got too late so we could get some dinner and get home.

The next afternoon we headed over to an old buddy’s house so they could hang out a little before his birthday party.


So of course they played video games.

We’ve actually been to the birthday location before, but it’s been a while and the kids were more than happy to go again.


Gym time!


What, I’m not supposed to play too?


I was trying to cheer him up by taking his picture.


Yes, Max was there too.


Giant swing time!


Max is so big he got a ride to himself.

They offered all the adults the opportunity to go on the giant swing but we all politely declined.




Everyone was pretty worn out by the end of the afternoon.

We all dragged our sweaty selves down to the party room to enjoy cake before saying our goodbyes.


They encouraged him to do this. I had nothing to do with it.

Yet another action packed weekend, with plenty more photos for you to check out by clicking here. We’ll be back next week with…let’s check the calendar…oh, right, another birthday party! Wheeeeee!

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