Christmas Lights and Video Games

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This was a rare week when we didn’t have much on the schedule so we allowed ourselves to get nice and lazy and mostly just lounge around the house. I didn’t take many photos, but I’ll share the few I did.

The city we used to live in isn’t far from us, and they put on a crazy Christmas light display every year at their fire station. We decided on Thursday to go check it out. If you looked through the photos from last week you might have noticed that there’s a suspicious moose following us around everywhere we go. That’s Marty, and he belongs to Max’s teacher. Every week they have a drawing to decide which kid gets to take him home and document whatever adventures they’re having. Last week we had the birthday and the beignets and all that. This week we just took him to see the lights.


He’s a pretty chill moose, so he just rolled with it.

The weekend, as I mentioned, was very laid back. In fact, I only took two photos as evidence that anything happened at all, and they’re both of the same thing.


That pretty much sums it up.

I’ll go ahead and just link to the photo set, even though there are only two more photos to see. We’ll be back and perhaps be a little more exciting next time.

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