Nan’s Birthday

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The late months of the year bring with them three traditional holidays: Thanksgiving, Nan’s birthday, and Christmas. This weekend we headed down to Nan and Papa’s house to celebrate the one that didn’t involve pilgrims or trees.

This one is all about family, of course.


…and tablets.


…and goofing off.


…and beignets.

We spent loads of time with Nan, which is to be expected considering the occasion.


They do enjoy time with Nan.


…when they’re not doing this.

We eventually kicked them out and made them play outside because the weather was nice.


No idea how we wound up here, but there it is.

Eventually we had to call them back in so they could enjoy some cake.


Yay cake!

In the morning we got everyone involved in the epic task of putting up the Christmas decorations. Nan’s attic is stuffed to the gills with this stuff, so there’s always plenty of work to go around.


Most of these ornaments are older than they are.


This is Christy’s favorite time of year.

Before we headed off to church, Owen and Emma settled in for a round of Owen’s new favorite game.


The boy loves him some checkers.

The family went to church, then had a wonderful meal out, then we went back to Nan’s house to get everything packed up and ready to go. While we were packing the car we noticed that Nan was hanging out with the boys getting her last bits of time with them before we had to get on the road. They both have a tough time letting go when we leave, and Max often winds up in tears for the first few minutes we’re in the car.


It’s always good to give them a little extra time, even if it doesn’t seem to help the sadness.

After that, we hauled ourselves back home to prepare for…actually, not a whole lot. We finally have a weekend coming up with no birthdays or events, so we’ll be able to be nice and lazy for a while. Feel free to check out the photo set to see the rest from this week, and we’ll see you next time!

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