TBall, Party Time, Nerf Time, and Kittens

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Another weekend, another party. We did have a couple of other plans, though, so we had to get to those first. We also had a reward at the end that I already spoiled in the title.

Owen continues along his trajectory to being in the Tball World Series this week, with some solid work at the plate and out in the field.


Solid at-bat fish-face, too.


He likes the game more when he has something to do.


He’s been doing quite well with coach pitch, too.

Owen’s game took place in the middle of the week, but we also had a Cub Scout meeting to take care of before the weekend. Normally I don’t take photos during these, but this week there was a special event going on. Each of the kids who raised enough money for the pack’s annual fundraiser was allowed to choose a leader and give them a special prize.

Pie Time

I prefer apple, but whipped cream works too.

We also had some school-related items to tend to before the weekend. Max had a school project that involved taking a small pumpkin (which was surprisingly hard to find for some parents) and theme it based on a book the student likes. Max chose Percy Jackson, which he and Christy have been bonding over but I haven’t so much as glanced it.


Which means I have no idea what this is.

I just asked Max and he said, “It’s Festus.” Then he ran back into the other room to play video games. That’s all you’re getting on that unless I get a note from the professional editor in the house.

Saturday arrived and brought with it the inevitable birthday party. This time we headed out to the local indoor trampoline park to get some bouncing time in.


But first, we wait in line to get in.


Owen spent much of the time in there playing dodgeball, so I don’t have many pictures of him doing anything else.

We bounced, we had cake, we celebrated, then we headed back home to rest up for a trip to Sherman on Sunday.


Chilly weather is not important when there is Nerf War to be made.

The boys ran around in Aunt Cindy’s backyard and did all the pretend shooting they could muster.


And posed for pictures, naturally.


Goofballs, the lot of them.

We were able to tear them away at the end by offering the children the opportunity to play with the litter of mewling razor-blade-toed furballs that were living in Cindy’s living room.




More kitteh.


Escaped kitteh.

Then, when the overload of cuteness was finished (and we convinced the children that no, we don’t need another cat) we all headed back home to rest just a little more. Next week, of course, we have Thanksgiving. If you want to see the rest of the photos from the week, click here. Otherwise we’ll be back soon!

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