Early Christmas

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Every year we have our Christmas traditions, but this year we had to shift some things around. Usually we do Christmas Eve in Sherman, Christmas morning at home, and Christmas Day down in Houston. A work-related conflict on the Sherman side made this impossible, so we decided to improvise and let the kids have an early Christmas. Shockingly enough, they didn’t seem to mind.

Before they got to that, though, we had to partake in another yearly tradition: school Christmas parties!


Max was on flag ceremony duty the day of his party and decided to keep his uniform on.


This year’s craft was a reindeer ornament.

As things usually go, I had to swap between classrooms to make sure I could get pictures of both boys. When I got to Owen’s room he was eating a snack. This snack included powdered donuts, which is something Owen has steadfastly refused to eat in the past.


He did not seem concerned with the snack on offer.


The boy defies explanation.


Craft time! Snowman photo frames for Owen.

You may recall in years past that the kindergarten class does an activity where they turn their classmates into snowmen by wrapping them up with toilet paper and accessorizing them.


Owen finally got his turn to dress up like his brother did.

After school we headed up to Sherman so the boys could finally get their hands on some of those sweet, sweet presents.


But first, family photos!


…and electronics time.


Then presents!


They do enjoy this part.


They really, really enjoy it.


If they get them, you kind of have to make them put on the matching shirts…


…or aprons.


I…yeah, I got nothing.


Christy gets them new pajamas every year. They love it.

Of course the pajamas mean that the night was drawing to a close. We got the boys and all the gifts loaded up in the car and drove everyone home. Saturday we tried to get some rest in so we could prepare for the week ahead. Sunday, though, we had plans. I’m sure you can guess based on the last ten or so blog posts what might be in store.


Party time!

Owen seemed to be feeling shy, because he kept running off to play on his own. For a little while, he occupied himself with trying to slam dunk off this crazy thing.


It was more of a half-dunk, half-face plant.


Yes, of course I got video.


I did convince him to play some air hockey.

The rest of the party was as you might expect. More bouncing, more running, more screaming, and lots of cake and pizza. It’s been an exciting week, and we have another one ahead of us. If you want to see the rest of the photos you can find them here. If not, we’ll be back next time with a return to our usual Christmas traditions.

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