Christmas Week 2015

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Last week was a nice preview, but now it’s time for the main event. It was a week filled with trees and presents and cats and ping pong and donuts and gnocchi. None of that is made up. We did it all.

We had the week off work, but the boys have been begging me to take them up to the office for ages so I decided it would be a good way to get them out of the house for a bit. They checked out all the ridiculous toys on my desk, shot a couple of darts, and took full advantage of the ping pong table.

2015-12-21 - 1049

They weren’t great at it but they made do.

I made Max repay me for my kindness (and drive Christy crazy by making messes in the otherwise clean house) by helping me out with a dinner project I’d been wanting to try out for a while.


He does make a decent kitchen helper these days.


Six hours later…

Turns out gnocchi is a labor intensive process. Who knew? Maybe next time we’ll skip the ridges and just go with a nice rounded shape. We took the next day to rest but apparently decided it was too quiet around the house.


So we let Max invite a bunch of people over.

They worked on bead projects, played a bunch of Minecraft, made a big fort mess upstairs…you know, the usual. Once we emptied the house back out it was time to let Christy have a say in what we were going to do for the evening.


She chose Christmas lights.


Fancy Christmas lights.

We wandered around the park for a little bit until the boys started fussing about how tired they were. After that we called it a night and took another day to relax so we could be ready for the arrival of the big day.

2015-12-24 - 1132

Ahh, relaxing.


The boys did a little better than we did on that front.

We awoke nice and early to make sure everything was ready to go.


The cat helped.

It wasn’t long before the boys were up and making demands.


Presents. Now.


And so the opening commenced.


The cat helped.


The boys got me a studio for making wacky stop-motion movies.


Lego Dimensions kind of takes the fun out of guessing what’s in your presents.


Woooo Lego ferris wheel!


Woo hoverboard!


Obligatory top of the stairs photo.

We got the phones ready to go and let them loose to find out where the crazy bow led.

Christmas Morning


While they were enjoying some time bouncing around outside, I got down to the business of handling our annual donut feast.


Fried donuts this year!

Sadly they turned out a little more oily than I’d hoped, but I’ll try to figure all that out for next year. Maybe we’ll make filled donuts next time…

Once I’d finished cleaning up after myself, we loaded the hoverboard and the kids up in the car and drove down to Houston.


There are cousins down there, after all.


Plus more presents!


The girls weren’t really fans of RyanPaul’s remote controlled spider.


Whee Skylanders!


I didn’t think it was possible to get bored with opening presents.


Collyn seemed happy with her unicorn hat.


Owen chose to make his own hat.

We spent the rest of the time down there messing around with all the gifts everyone received.


Magnetic building sets.


LEGO sets.



It was all quite exciting for all involved. We spent tons of time with all the cousins and ate all kinds of fun treats out of our stockings, then we finished it off with some quality time with Nan.


I believe we’re playing Exploding Kittens again.

After all the fun we somehow managed to get all of the presents to fit in the car along with the luggage and the hoverboard. Then we started the long trek back home and the inevitable process of trying to find space for all the new toys.

If you want to check out the rest of the pictures, click here. Otherwise we’ll be back next week with the last of our vacation time.

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