Category: Pregnancy

  • Under a Week

    We’re in the home stretch now. After more than two years of struggling and nine months of disbelief, we’re officially […]

  • Little Stinker

    Thanks to the efforts of my aunts and mother, Max had yet another great baby shower on Sunday. I continue […]

  • Still Here!

    Okay, so we’ve been terrible bloggers lately. Somewhere between going to labor classes, working for The Man, and playing Wii […]

  • Tolerance

    This week we found out some very good news for Christy. She passed her glucose tolerance test on the first […]

  • Week 24: Expansion

    According to Wikipedia, the metric expansion of space is a key part of science’s current understanding of the universe, whereby […]

  • Moving In

    To start off, my wife has indicated to me…repeatedly…that this blog is not a stage in a stand-up club. Well, […]

  • The Long Road Behind

    I believe the classic line is, “Well, at least you’re having fun trying!” I can’t imagine anything more removed from […]